Gonna Make You Sweat: Marcello’s Top 50 Workout Songs

I love songs that motivate you  to hit the gym, go out for a run or break a sweat doing something you love.

If you have any favorites from your workout play list that you’d like to share with all the Celebrate Life fans here at The Sunshine Club, feel free to post them.

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Marcello’s Top 50 Fitness Fav’s

1)      I Want It All- Queen

2)   New World Man- Rush

3)      Crazy- Seal

4)      The Cave- Mumford and Sons

5)      Let Me Entertain You- Robbie Williams

6)      One- Metallica

7)      Beautiful People- Benny Benassi and Chris Brown

8)      Babylon- David Gray

9)      Prayer- Disturbed

10) Dreams- Van Halen

11)   Shipping Up To Boston- Dropkick Murphys

12)   Wheel In The Sky- Journey

13)   Rocky 4 Training Sequence- Vince Dicola

14)   Shine- Collective Soul

15)   Big Country- Big Country

16)   Alive- P.O.D

17)   Amazing- Seal

18)  Time- Hootie and the Blowfish

19)   I Don’t Care Anymore- Phil Collins

20)   Roll With The Changes- REO Speedwagon

21) Lunatic Fringe- Red Rider

22)   Higher Ground- Red Hot Chile Peppers

23)   Times Like These- Foo Fighters

24)   Land of Confusion- Disturbed

25)   Rare Earth- Celebrate

26)   Jesus Walks- Kayne West

27)   Stronger- Inez

28)   Gimme Shelter- Rolling Stones

29)   On The Loose- Saga

30)  Plowed- Sponge

31)   Mr. Brownstone- Guns and Roses

32)   Evenflow- Pearl Jam

33)   A.D.I.D.A.S- Korn Level X Mix

34)   Remember– Distrurbed

35)   Cars- Gary Newman and Nine Inch Nails (live from London)

36)   Ring of Fire- Social Distortion

37)   Crossover- EPMD

38)   Plush- Stone Temple Pilots

39)   Bring Me To Life- Evanescence

40)  You’re The Best- Joe Esposito

41)   Photograph- Santana and Daughtry

42)   Whole Lotta Love- Santana and Chris Cornell

43)   Wish You Were Here- Incubus

44)   Turn The Page- Metallica

45)   Yves Larock- Rise Up

46)   Everybody’s Free- Rozalla

47)   Remember The Name- Fort Minor

48)   Rocket Queen- Guns and Roses

49)   Higher- Creed

50)   Coldplay- Viva La Vida

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5 Responses to “Gonna Make You Sweat: Marcello’s Top 50 Workout Songs”
  1. Helen Brown says:

    Hi Marcello,

    Thanks for the great list of tunes – there are a lot there I’m going to have to check out! I’d like to add Luka Bloom’s Acoustic Motorbike, the BeeGees Stayin Alive (medically proven to be perfect for CPR!), the B-52s Love Shack, the Stones Miss You and Springsteen’s Born in the USA that are some of my favs. A group of five songs that firmly date-stamp me! Have a great weekend.

  2. Marcello says:

    Hi Helen!

    Thanks for sharing your fav’s with us. Great tracks!

    I had to look up Acoustic Motorbike… that’s a new one for me. Very catchy and I love the lyrics…

    Through miles of mountains, valleys, streams
    This is the right stuff filling my dreams
    So come on, get up on your bike
    Ah go on, get up on your bike

    Pedal on
    Pedal on, pedal on, pedal on for miles
    Pedal on!

    Thanks! Have a great weekend!


  3. Marcello says:

    Thanks Jason!
    Never Been Hurt Before by Robyn, and Party Rock by LMFAO from SCE’s latest mix CD will probably make the next list.
    Have a great day! M

  4. Neen James says:

    I often refer to this great blog and also uploaded some of these to my running list, today I shared it with my personal trainer too because he was looking for inspiration! You are an inspiration my friend.

  5. Marcello says:

    That’s awesome Neen! I love hearing about all of your Super-Productivity speaking engagements and checking in on your fab Neen-isms on Twitter. Now, it’s so great to hear about your health and wellness efforts too. I bet there’s something awesome coming out soon that’s gettin’ you pumped up to take over the world again. 🙂 Best wishes, M

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