Lean on Me: A Glee Finale at the Knoll Country Club For Julia

While doing her brother Josh’s Bar Mitzvah 2 years ago and seeing how much fun his little sister was having, I just knew Julia’s Bat Mitzvah was going to be filled with plenty of memorable moments.  This time around, the Kirschenbaum’s moved their location from the Mountain Lakes Club to the Knoll Country Club in Parsippany.  Instead of a gorgeous view of the lake, they had a gorgeous view of the golf course.  (I love win-win situations)

Like her brother, Julia has a very bubbly personality, is very bright, and isn’t shy when it’s time to dance.  When I did the V.I.P meet & Greet Dance Party at the Kirschenbaum home one week before the Bat Mitzvah (part of the Signature Simcha Service that MMP offers exclusively), Julia and her best friends Sidney, Brooke, Alexa, and Erica all showed the same enthusiasm as well.  We practiced everything from the Cotton Eyed Joe Remix to the Down Dance to The Apache.

At the reception, one of my favorite moments was the Face The Cookie competition from Minute To Win It.   This interactive has by far been the most fun to play and the most entertaining to watch when we recently polled our clients.    The most sentimental moment was the parent’s toasts.   Just when I thought they couldn’t top the toasts they gave to Josh, Wendy and Abram delivered in fine-fashion once again.  Eloquent and heartfelt.   

For Josh, who is a big Beatles fan, we played Hey Jude for his event finale song in which all of his friends and family gathered in a circle to sing a long to give him the proper send-off.  For Julia, we went with Lean On Me, which was remade by the cast of the hugely popular T.V show Glee. It was perfect because all of the kids who watch the show knew the words and all of the adults who grew up listening to the original by Bill Withers sang their hearts outs also!

Best wishes to Julia, Josh, Wendy and Abram.   -mp

Special thanks to Milan from Milan Photography for sharing his photos for this article.  It’s always a pleasure working together.   Check out Milan’s work in the delicious Sweet Utopia book and blog.  -mp

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One Response to “Lean on Me: A Glee Finale at the Knoll Country Club For Julia”
  1. Wendy Livingston says:

    Hi Marcello-

    I have been meaning to write and thank you for another wonderful celebration.

    You and your crew are simply the best at what you do and we are very glad to have had you there for both Josh and Julia. So many people told us what a great time they had- I know Julia did and we did.

    You always set just the right tone and get both the kids and adults involved so that everyone is included. I have seen many DJs over the past few years and none do it as well as you.

    We also appreciated your working with the timing of the reception because we got started so much later than planned. Even the woman who set up the centerpieces and balloon commented to me that you guys were great! You are always a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

    I am sad to be over with the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs but hope to catch you in action again in the future.

    All the best-


    And by the way, I was reading your blog from October about Bizbash and you mentioned a renowned chef who spoke, Tom Preti. It took me a couple seconds to remember that he catered our wedding in 1993 (at the Puck Building). I guess he was sort of starting out at the time because he worked out of a basement kitchen in Queens. I guess I would like to think we make good decisions when it comes to choosing people to help us celebrate the big days 🙂

Thank you for reading this.

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