Sophisticated, Affluent and In the Know- Marcello Recommends: NJ Savvy Living Magazine and the Contributions of Judi Rothenberg

Sometimes it’s a little tough to consistently come up with articles, quotes and posts for the Celebrate Life movement. We have a very discerning readership that has a low tolerance for the status quo.  MMP’s clients are the same way. Truth be told, I wouldn’t change these high standards for anything… for it’s this constant state of the desire to deliver happiness that keeps us on our toes.

Every now and then, however, an early Christmas gift (or Chanukah present for my Jewish friends) comes right to my door wrapped in a nice little red bow.  (like this week)

Through  a serendipitous LinkedIn exchange, I reconnected with Judi Rothenberg , the Lifestyle editor for NJ Savvy Living Magazine. The title of this article, Sophisticated, Affluent, In the Know is actually the magazine’s official branding on the masthead! … I know!!! Perfect.. right?

Rothenberg’s envious responsibility is to cover the places to go, the people to know, what to buy , where to eat and what to do in the garden state and beyond. As she puts it so eloquently on her brand new facebook page, “I’m on the prowl for what’s unique, wonderful and fun.” Not a bad gig right?  Sound familiar?

Judi Rothenberg aka Savvy Sara

Judi has a gift for observational writing with an entertaining dash of wit thrown in for good measure. Judi’s creative and artistic side (evident from the private collection that adorns her magnificent home) also gives  the savvy savant a huge advantage when it comes to appreciating beauty in all shapes, colors and sizes.

And NJSL fans are like us… they want things filtered.   They see right through disingenuous marketing fluff and don’t like it when their precious time is wasted.  Therefore, Rothenberg’s selection process has to be on point when she decides what to cover and report.

As a result of our comparable demographic, and a fair amount of research of her previous articles, I’m inviting Savvy Sara, Judi’s pseudonym, to share some of her articles with the MMP blog, fan page and twitter.

This link will take you to a few recent “savvy sightings” to wet your appetite. Enjoy!  -mp

Topics include:

*Eco-friendly jewelry & services

*Dinner ideas for the modern family

*Add a little sophistication to date night

*A google site for parents by kids

*Give your daughter & her friends the Rock Star treatment

*The NJ food and wine festival

*And since we had such a huge response to our dog lovers” campaign last year, check out Around the Collar, a site that Savvy Sara found for those who think their best friends deserve the best in fashionable accessories.

*One more…  If you want to switch things up for a day and trade in your daily cup o’ joe for a nice cup of tea, (friends will tell you that I’m a huge fan of tea & dessert after a delicious meal!) Savvy Sara found a location that will add a little sprinkle of class and elegance to your next outing.

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