The Fischer Family Celebrates Their 4th Bar Mitzvah with Marcello and the MMP Entertainment Team at Portobello in Oakland, NJ

Zach and all of his friends pose for the traditional group photo after cocktail hour at Portobello

If you had to choose the ideal venue for your Le Chaim finale, you’d want a location that was close to the Temple, had great food and offered excellent service. If you’ve ever been to lunch or dinner at new Portobello Feasts in Oakland, NJ, you already know that those  bases are covered.  But what about their sister property… the original Portobello right next door?  Under new management and featuring some notable renovations, Portobello Banquets deserves your attention once again if you’re planning a Bergen County social or corporate event in the near future.

Time Flies... Zack with his older brother Jared- We did Jared's Bar Mitzvah 9 years earlier at the Westmount Country Club

Over the past nine years, we’ve had the honor of providing the entertainment and event production for the Fischer family.  We did Jared’s Bar Mitzvah first back in ‘02, Samantha’s Bat Mitzvah in’04, then Julie’s Bat Mitzvah after that in ‘06, and this past October, it was time for Zachary to be the guest of honor.

If you’re getting a little stressed out just thinking about what it’s like to have to plan 4 Bar Mitzvahs… relax.  It actually gets easierOnce you find just the right combination of professional vendors and resources, you just keep hiring them back and let them do most the work. On the other hand… having to pay for 4 Bar Mitzvahs, now that’s a different story. 🙂

Zack’s mom and dad, Jeanette and Glen, once again trusted our recommendations for the kids cocktail hour and reception enhancements.  We provided the MMP trifecta for the kids cocktail hour. It included The Interactive Game Show, Paparazzi and DJ Hero.

As you can see from the photos, these activities were very well received by all of the young adult guests as usual.

Jeanette and Glen take it all in and enjoy a romantic dance after dessert

For the reception, the Fisher’s upgraded to our dual plasma multi-media package. We created custom visuals for Zack’s Casino theme, we designed personalized video clips for the dance sets and featured candid photos of all the guests on the screens during dinner and dessert.  As you can see from the photos, Zack and his friends were entertained and kept busy from the moment they walked into Portobello until the moment they walked out, so Jeanette and Glen were very pleased with the return on their additional investment.

Special thanks to Vincent Amen, Portobello’s Director of Catering, for his hospitality and professionalism.   He was instrumental at the site survey when we needed to ensure the necessary spacing for the activities, to review the planning logistics, to confirm the timing of the food courses and verify our power requirements. (just a few of  ways that an Entertainment Director can enhance your over-all experience) Vincent can be reached at 201-337-1383 ext. 4 or

We’re looking forward to our next collaboration with the Fischer family and Portobello   … which by the way time seems to be flying by lately, will be Jared’s Wedding Reception.  Unreal.   –mp

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One Response to “The Fischer Family Celebrates Their 4th Bar Mitzvah with Marcello and the MMP Entertainment Team at Portobello in Oakland, NJ”
  1. Jeanette Fischer says:

    Hi Marcello!

    Wow! What a nice surprise! The article was terrific!
    The pictures were fantastic! We’re very grateful to you for sharing them with us.

    Zachary’s friends had only good things to say about his party and, unlike other b’nai mitzvot that he attended during the course of the year, no one left early because it was boring or “the same old thing”.

    Thanks again for helping to make all 4 Bar Mitzvahs wonderful experiences!

    I hope all is well with you and your family!



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