660 Years of Warmth, Wit and Wisdom

Good company: (Top Left) Lee, Richard, Don, Ken, Marcello, (Bottom Left) Pierre, Jane, Norma, Suzie, Ginette, Arvie

When you put together an eclectic mix of people that includes a pediatric neurologist, former teacher, martial arts instructor, fly fisherman, golf course superintendent and various executives from the corporate world and motion picture industry, the conversation is destined to be filled with golden nuggets of life lessons learned. 

My dear friends, Norma and Ken Kahn, always make me feel like I’m part of the family when I’m traveling through Central America.  At their lovely home, over-looking the sun-kissed ocean yesterday, we had a delightful lunch gathering.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I prefer to hang around people that actually talk to each other instead of send texts and facebook messages all day. 

I’m far from being anti-technology, but the current anti-social trend is a bit alarming for those of us who enjoy a good eye to eye exchange of thoughts and laughter.  That’s why lunch was so enjoyable. 

Sometimes you take for granted the amount of experience, intelligence and entertaining interactions that are right in front of you.   Today, I made sure that wasn’t the case and just soaked it all in

Out of curiosity, I asked how old everyone was… some were twice my age.  All together, I was surrounded by 660 years of life.  That’s a lot to celebrate.   -mp

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