A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action? Sheryl & Gary Celebrate 60 Years at the Kip-Riker Mansion

How about plenty of both?

What a cool Thank You card from Sheryl and Gary Weine!

They celebrated their 60th Birthday together at the historic Kip-Riker Mansion in South Orange, NJ. They reminisced with family and friends and danced the night away to the Beatles, the sounds of Woodstock and of course, Elvis Presley.

The night was filled with memorable moments.  One of my favorites was at the end watching Gary and Sheryl sing I Got You Babe, one of their favorite songs, to each other.  This was followed soon after with a wonderful friendship circle that featured all of their guests, arm in arm,  belting out American Pie. It was beautiful man.  🙂

Yet another event where I thank my lucky stars for having such an awesome job. Life is good! -mp

***Another signature touch that we brought to the celebration was a personalized photo  montage (below) which sparked nostalgic conversation in between the action.   (The action included lots of dancing, toasts, vocal tributes and special performances)

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