From The Crystal Point Yacht Club to Disney World: The Fairytale Comes True for Erin and Paul

Edited on June 25th, 2020

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been ten years since this awesome wedding reception!!  And, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for 10 years!!! 🙂

Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Erin and Paul!!!!  


June 25th, 2010

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon filled with sunshine down at the Jersey shore.  The gorgeous bride,  Erin, was ready for the day she had been dreaming about since she was a little girl.  The groom, Paul, who looks he could be Michael Buble’s brother, was ready for the day he’d been planning since his romantic proposal on the beach in Mexico. If you don’t appreciate true love, romance or rainbows and butterflies, it’s a good thing you weren’t at the Crystal Point Yacht Club last week because Erin and Paul filled the day with everything that would keep the owners of  Kleenex and Kodak in business for a long time. You can check out their Wedding Day Movie Trailer and Love Story from Creative Video Editing below.  The Trailer features highlights of the day that Michael and Michelle from CVE captured and transformed into a short film.  The Love Story is an in-depth featurette that was filmed prior to the wedding that lets every guest at the reception know how and why these two awesome families are celebrating life together in honor of Erin and Paul. We decided to show the feature about half way through the main course on our projection  screen as a “dinner and movie” presentation.  Judging by the collective “oohs”, “ahhs”, tears and laughter from the 250 guests, it was definitely one of the reception highlights. One of my favorite parts of the video clips were the vow exchanges, these simple yet significant hallmark-worthy lines stood out…

Paul to Erin: …”when it’s just the two of us, I promise to always be able to share a laugh and to talk about anything and nothing”… Erin to Paul: ...”you are my soul mate, my one true love and the best friend I ever had”…

The guests also enjoyed seeing both Erin and Paul’s parents dance to their wedding songs later in the evening.   As part of our design session protocol, we like to find out as much information that the guests of honor are willing to share in order to personalize the occasion and therefore create fun, sentimental and memorable moments. Another reception highlight was seeing Paul and Erin dance to a special remix of  I Want You Back by the Jackson 5.  It was special because they heard it at a tavern on the Seaside Heights boardwalk called the Saw Mill a few years ago and loved it… but never heard it again.  With a little research and a little help from Facebook, I found out that a good friend, DJ Mike West,  produced a mash-up using I Want You Back and Bartender by T-Pain in his sets a few times back in the summer of 2008.  Mike was gracious enough to dig it up and e-mail it just in time for the reception.   Watching Paul and Erin bust a move to one of their favorite songs reminded me once again how much I love what I do…. – make people happy and help them celebrate life. On the subject of happiness, where do newlyweds like Paul and Erin go for their honeymoon after having one of the best days of their life? Disneyworld! Of course. Special thanks to Janine Mincieli from the Crystal Point for her hospitality and professionalism.    This was our first time working at the venue so she took the time to accommodate our request to do a full site survey and review the production agenda details with Erin and Paul present.   Our goal is to confirm all of the event logistics like; the equipment load in, power supply, menu timing and special feature execution in the weeks prior to the reception so everyone is on the same page the day of and everything runs smoothly. Janine, a 17 year veteran, has the same intentions when she works with her clients and vendors so we made a great team.  I’m looking forward to the next MMP Entertainment & Crystal Point collaboration. Special mention also goes out to Chris from Marconi Photography.  He was kind enough to share some of his artistry for this entry.  Chris was showing a bunch of great shots from his laptop on the seating chart table throughout the reception… these were a few of my favorites;



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6 Responses to “From The Crystal Point Yacht Club to Disney World: The Fairytale Comes True for Erin and Paul”
  1. Hi Marcello,

    Excellent job on the wedding and great blog post! One of the
    best I’ve seen.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful write up as well.

    It was a pleasure working with you, we look forward to doing it
    again in the future!

    I plan to add you guys to our website and blog in the near future as well.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and great week. See you soon.


    Michael & Michelle DiChiaro

  2. Jason Jani says:


    Bravo my friend with an excellent event capture blog posting. This is a great complete entry for what looks to be a picture perfect fairytale wedding for Erin & Paul in collaboration with your outstanding firm. Great detail, great shots, great incorporation of video material – it doesnt get much better then this for the entertainment industry.

    Keep up the work and looking forward to hanging soon.


  3. Marcello says:

    Thank you so much for stopping by Jason.

    As I’ve mentioned both publicly and privately, your v-logs have been the inspiration for all of the multi-media additions to my articles.

    Our Signature Event partnership has been very exciting.

    I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.

    See you in Miami!


  4. Paul Barna says:


    Thank you so much for the kind words.

    You did an awesome job at our wedding. We couldn’t have been happier.

    Your professionalism throughout the whole process was unbelievable.

    Paul Barna

  5. Janine Mincieli says:


    What a beautiful blog. . Your “dinner and a movie” was so beautifully done that it brought myself and my veteran staff to tears, it was genious. It was a pleasure working with someone as professional as yourself and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    Thanks for all of your warm words,

    Janine Mincieli
    Crystal Point Yacht Club

  6. Marcello says:

    My pleasure Janine.

    Thank you for stopping by and for the positive reviews.

    Until next time… I wish you continued health, happiness and success!

    At your service,


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