And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson: Wendy Gathers Top NJ Photographers at Her Studio

(from Left) Dan Epstein, Maurico Lemonk, Camila Otero, Javier Seclen, Ellen Quentzel, Kurby Brown, Eric Kazmirek, Karen Farber, Artie Pellarano, David Patiño, Kerry Pratzon, Eileen Noelle, Joshua Lipnick (front) Carolina Wahnish Rivera, Wendy Robinson and John Peters

I was invited to join Mallus Award winning photographer, Wendy Robinson, and notable colleagues last night at her West Orange studio.  For those who frequent our blog, you’ll recognize Wendy’s name and her business partner, David Patiño, from our recent collaboration at the Park Avenue Club. We are also the preferred vendor at several of the same New Jersey venues like the newly renovated Orange Lawn Tennis Club.

Mauricio Lemonk was also in attendance; he and I have teamed up on many occasions including this memorable event at the Grand Summit Hotel that was featured on the MMP blog last summer.

Whenever I mention photographers in our event recaps,  I always stress how having a great personality is just as important as their artistic ability.  The tri-state area is home to some of the best photographers in the industry so finding one who will capture your significant moments with deftness is the easy part; it’s finding a skillful professional that knows how to put the subjects at ease, be unobtrusive and make great conversation throughout a session that makes the search so challenging.

Wendy Robinson and Marcello Pedalino

Last night, Wendy assembled an eclectic group of seasoned aficionados that fit the bill.    In addition to the expected exchange of pleasantries, networking and business idea nuggets,  light-hearted conversation topics included: the World Cup, Costa Rica, quitting smoking, the BP fiasco, the under-appreciated pleasure of a short commute to work, what it is really like to be a teacher in NJ, giving up Burger King and McDonalds cold turkey (that was mine) and the awesomeness of Pandora Radio on your smart phone.

In my opinion, a great photographer, like any highly sought-after professional, needs to be able to simultaneously do their job and make their clients and guests feel comfortable. The vibes last night were definitely indicative of these qualifications.   As far as their individual talents go, check out some of their sample portfolios online and judge for yourself.

Dan Epstein, Maurico Lemonk, Camila Otero, Javier SeclenEric Kazmirek, Karen Farber, David Patiño, Kerry Pratzon, Eileen Noelle, Joshua Lipnick, Carolina Wahnish Rivera, Wendy Robinson and John Peters (Photo Lab).

Special thanks to Wendy for the invitation and her hospitality.   She’s opening a sister office in Morristown with David and Joshua Lipnick that promises to be as  prosperous as their West Orange location.

I wish you all continued health, happiness and success and look forward to our next collaboration.

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5 Responses to “And here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson: Wendy Gathers Top NJ Photographers at Her Studio”
  1. Marcello,

    It is always nice seeing you, work with you and having great conversations. I hope I can go to CR sometime this year to share my experiences.

    Thank you for the mentioning on your Blog. Hopefully we will meet during another event or some other gathering as the one from yesterday.

    I wish you a great summer.

    Best regards,

    Mauricio Lemonk

  2. great article! thanks for the mention! it was definitely a great time!

  3. Karen Farber says:

    Hey Marcello,

    And it was a pleasure seeing you too at Wendy’s studio last night.

    I’m very impressed with your both your “blogging” and “photography” skills.

  4. Eileen White says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you Marcello!

    Thank you for featuring Wendy and all the great things she does for her community and her friends.

    Hope to see you at the next one. Cheers!

  5. Kurby Brown says:

    Hi Marcello,

    Thanks for the great photo and great conversation during Wendy’s event this week….

    I will be following your blog which has some great stories as well as content on it.

    Thanks again,

    Kurby Brown,

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