Young Forever: Marcello Returns to The Park Avenue Club with Eggsotic Events for Evan’s High Roller Bar Mitzvah Celebration

When I asked Evan which song he’d like to choose for the dance with his mom he said, “Forever Young by Bob Dylan.” From that point on at the consultation, I knew his Bar Mitzvah was going to have a retro-cool vibe and a relaxed, yet modern-elegant flair.  And it did.

The Park Avenue Club is an ideal event space because of its posh tent ballroom.  With the right decor and entertainment, 10 year veteran catering director extraordinaire, Jennifer Shin, will help you transform the club into any theme or concept that suits your fancy.  Really.  It’s like a fresh white canvas for a seriously gifted artist.

For Evan and his friends, their extended cocktail hour featured 3 Texas Hold’em tables, a green screen photo booth, the interactive game show, paparazzi and 2 table-top arcade games.  The guest list was heavy on the boy’s side so the idea was to keep them busy, entertained and out of trouble. Mission accomplished.  We added four beautiful female dancers from the MMP team as well to raise the estrogen level a bit.  The boys seemed very appreciative that Tara, Chrissy, Mindy and Kelly were there to keep them company.

After the adults were finished with their cocktails in the club’s ultra-swank loft that boast’s cathedral ceilings, a grand piano and the ability to check on the kids at their leisure; they joined us downstairs for the reception.  (Some of our interactives, like the game show, are so much fun, many of the adults “checked on their kids” for more than a few minutes and played a couple of  rounds.)

Evan’s mom and dad, Amy and Richard, wanted a cool mix of tradition and avaunt-garde for their reception.  This was evident upon entry by the hybrid decor and vogue dress code, and then later by the deliciously-efficient menu.  Guests entered Evan’s VIP Lounge and liked what they saw.

It was filled with L.E.D lightscaping, custom furniture pieces and unique table-top arrangements to tie the total look of the room together.  The artist behind the design and decor was Eglis Matiss, from Eggsotic Events; a consumate professional with a crew to match.  For the Signature Event ambiance, we created personalized visuals and Evan’s monogram which displayed on our dual plasma screens throughout the evening.  Instead of a 3 course sit down, dining consisted of open stations that offered Park Ave’s finest fare.    As always, I worked closely with Jennifer in advance to create a production agenda.  This time-line ensures that the pacing of the event is comfortable, yet practical, and that all of the guests can enjoy the dining and entertainment in a seamless fashionThings couldn’t have run any smoother.

Kudos to Evan’s older brother Matthew and his younger brother Josh, they added a lot of positive energy to the celebration.  Judging by the amount of time Josh spent on the dance floor and how much he enjoyed being up in the chair during the hora, his Bar Mitzvah will be an exceptional event as well.

Special thanks to Wendy Robinson for sharing some of her photography for this article.  Wendy and I are both recommended at some of NJ’s finest venue’s like the Orange Lawn Tennis Club.  She and her partner David were a pleasure to work with and they were always in the right place at the right time.

Per usual, my sincere gratitude goes out to Jennifer Shin and the entire Park Ave team for their professionalism and hospitality.  It’s an honor to be referred by such an impressive location.  I’m looking forward to our next collaboration.

Below are some of the candid shots that we took during the event that displayed on the plasmas when the stations were opened and later when dessert was served.  This is still one of the most sought-after services we offer; people love to see great photos of themselves on the big screens! It also makes everyone feel included in the celebration and always sparks some up-beat table conversation.  In addition, we give the host family a copy of all the pictures so they can add them to their event memorabilia.  Between Wendy’s professional shots and our paparazzi-style candids, you’ll never miss a moment of your once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

After the event, Amy and Richard also took a quick moment to let us know if we succeeded in keeping Evan and his friends entertained.   🙂

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