Your Event is a Work of Art: Martin Hardy Proves It

Hardy 1

Hardy creates an original piece of art by capturing the entire scope of the festivities.

So you’ve got a great photographer and videographer to capture all of the special moments of your event, you’re all set right?  Martin Hardy, an uber-talented artist and I, might disagree.

In addition to the aforementioned professionals, Martin can compliment your ‘for posterity sake’ pallet with his ability to create a visual canvas of memories live at your event.  The end result is a one of kind, priceless work of art that you and your family can enjoy forever.

Over the past year, I’ve heard enough buzz in the industry about this special feature and Hardy’s work specifically, that it was time to share it with my readers.   I’m always being asked, “How can we make our event fun, unique and memorable?”  Having a professional artist discreetly transform your entire event into a single, all inclusive portrait would definitely fall under those categories.

Check out the time-elapsed video demonstration of “The Party Painter” below. Enjoy!

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