La Pasión, La Sangre y Los Huevos

Punta Leona's Renato Segura celebrates with his son, Brithon, after the match

Punta Leona's #11, Renato Segura, celebrates with his son, Brithon, after the match

Passion, blood and eggs.  (no, not the kind you eat for breakfast)

It just doesn’t have the same flair when you say it in english does it?

Yesterday, I attended the Beach Soccer Premier League Championship in Costa Rica, and this was one of the paraphrased expressions that  I heard a coach use to pump up his team.  It worked.   Punta Leona, beat Goicoechea in an over-time shootout.

My good friend and starting mid-field striker , Renato Segura, said that his coach told him and all of his teammates to basically “leave it all on the field“.

This is why I love watching sports and channeling my competitive spirit from time to time.  The adrenaline rush puts your body and mind in sync and enables you to accomplish magnificent things.

¡Felicitaciones mi amigo!

Encore Gallery:

renato in action 3 lgrenato in action 2 lgrenato in action 4 lgrenato in action

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