Ryan’s Rock and Roll Fantasy at the Venetian

We were delighted to return to the Palazzo Ballroom for Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah.  After doing the Siracusa Communion there last week, my team couldn’t wait to perform in this magnificent ballroom at the Venetian once again.

mother-son-dance-large1After getting to know Ryan and his family, I was really excited as well.  From the initial meeting with the Schatzbergs to the final design session at their home, I knew this was going to be an exceptional event.

candle-speech-large1Ryan is a talented musician, a great athlete and not afraid to get funky on the dance floor. In addition to current hip hop and dance music, Ryan is also a big fan of classic rock.  His parents, Jen and Rich, were a lot more hip than your typical Bar Mitzvah hosts, they knew the perfect balance of telling me everything they wanted while respecting my ability to make significant suggestions and read the crowd. Speaking of the crowd, Jen was right, they danced to everything from The Rolling Stones to Pitbull.    Throw in future stand-out Bar Mitzvah boy, Ryan’s brother, Luke into the mix and you thank your lucky stars that you get to work with the coolest families and the nicest venues that this industry has to offer.

mom-and-brother-luke-large1In addition to the rock-themed centerpieces, and music programming, the classic rock vibe was all over Ryan’s event.  We made a customized version of the game show that included Name That Tune audio clips from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Clash, Journey, The Who and Led Zepplin. (Sometimes, we have to cheat a little so the guest of honor does well during the interactive competition, Ryan kicked some serious butt on his own, even beating out most of the adults who played along.)

To show everyone that true rock and roll idols have a softer side, Ryan and his family made arrangements for all of the moms to get a beautiful long- stemmed, red rose during the Mother-Son Dance. After Rich made a heartfelt toast in Ryan’s honor, we handed the roses to the ladies in honor of Mother’s Day weekend.  It was a very classy move on the Schatzberg’s part.  Anytime you take the extra step to be considerate of your guests in a personalized way, your event evolves into a universal celebration where everyone feels connected and significant.

grand-entrance-large3The highlight of the day was Ryan’s grand entrance. As the spotlight followed his big reveal, Ryan came down the Palazzo’s awe-inspiring, dual staircase as we cranked up the chorus of Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen. It was a song that he mentioned as one of his favorites during the design session.  I knew it would come in handy.  Ryan’s family and friends sang their hearts out and cheered like he was a Rock Star making his way to the stage.   From there, we mixed in Rihanna’s Please Don’t Stop The Music and never looked back.

As always,  the Venetian team was on pointTheir work ethic and customer service is as impressive as their venue. We look forward to our next collaboration with Dave, Jimmy, Adriatik and Carlos.

Special thanks to Giulianna, from Giulianna Marie Studios, for providing the photos featured in today’s entry.  Many of my clients want a professional who is not only easy to work with, but who also has an unobtrusive shooting style while they capture the event highlights.  Giulianna has earned an excellent reputation in the industry for both her skill and on-site demeanor. Even more impressive, her clientel has been built without any adverting. Like us,  it’s been all word-of-mouth and venue referrals since the beginning.

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One Response to “Ryan’s Rock and Roll Fantasy at the Venetian”
  1. Jen Schatzberg says:

    OK, so you really are ALL that! Thank you SO very much! You were incredible, the music was perfect, the dancers were amazing (and we loved how they were dressed)! There was not one detail that you didn’t take care of beautifully…from where you stood when you were introducing Ryan to the introduction of the Viennese table (that was really cool, by the way). There is not one thing that I can say we were unhappy with. In fact, you all far exceeded our dreams and expectations…thank you!

    And while the thought of this is enough to make me faint…you may as well book us for Luke’s…May 21, 2011. Not quite sure what the plan is yet, but whatever it is, we need you and he LOVED you!

    Thank you again



    p.s. told you we had a dancing crowd!

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