Grand Slam- Gerry’s Communion at The Venetian


Gerry’s Communion was held at The Venetian, a first-class banquet facility located in Garfield, New Jersey.

Yankee Themed Decor and LED Up-LightingGerry and the Siracusa family definitely know how to throw a party. His dad, Gerlando, owns Golden Note Entertainment, a company like mine that provides entertainment and event production for milestone events.

Put Your Hands In the Ayer, Ay-Ayer!Like his dad, Gerry is one of the biggest New York Yankees fans I’ve ever met. He had his parents decorate the ballroom with blue and white LED’s, Yankee-themed balloons and centerpieces, and two huge plasma screens showing the back of Gerry’s unofficial Yankee uniform shirt. Everybody who walked in the room was blown away by the impressive décor. Kudos to Gerlando and his lovely wife, Nellie, for their attention to detail.

Move Over Mariano, Enter Gerry!Among many, one of the highlights of the day was the Grand Entrance. One of Gerry’s favorite players is Mariano Rivera. If you’re a Yankees fan, you know when he’s taking the field because the stadium sound system blasts the song Enter Sandman by Metallica. When it was his turn to enter the ballroom, the spotlights panned to the top of the Venetian’s staircase and all of the guests began to pump their fists. Then Gerry made his Grand Entrance and official Yankee debut as the chorus kicked in. It wasn’t quite 50,000 screaming fans, but it sure felt like it.

Marco’s Communion is next, we can’t wait!

Special thanks to the Dave, Jimmy and Carlos from the Venetian for their hospitality and professionalism.

Encore Gallery:

Tami, Gerry & FrankSinging Living On A PrayerGerry and Marco

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