The Time of My Life – Julie’s Bat Mitzvah

Julie-Candelighting-with-mom-dad-(Large).jpgJulie and the Sandelovsky family deserve special mention because they were kind enough to allow us to use this  photo from their event for our new business card and website design.

Not only is Julie very photogenic, this moment captured the love shared between parents and their children that you just can’t fake. The Sandelovsky’s are the “real deal”.


The highlight of the event, which is captured on the video, is when I asked Julie if she had a great time today and she replied, “I had the time of my life”; her friends screamed in agreement. What a moment!

Julie’s mom is a fellow industry professional. She owns Invitations by Andi.  Her  company recently partnered with making them the go-to company for anyone needing the best in personalized invitations, announcements, cards and stationary etc.

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