The Trilogy Is Complete: Mazel Tov Jason!!!

The Rosenberg Trilogy is complete!!! ūüôā

First it was Michael, then Aaron, and this past weekend… Jason!

What an honor and pleasure to celebrate with the Rosenberg family over the years.

Thank you, David and Karen, for us having us back again.

Mazel Tov!

An Evening With Celine Dion- The Celebrate Life Book Tour continues…

Dr. Jill Garripoli Pedalino, Celine Dion, & Marcello Pedalino

This latest stop on the #CelebrateLife Book Tour was definitely one of the most memorable.  Céline Dion is a powerful combination of confidence & self-deprecation, precision & playfulness, and talent & hard work. Special thanks to Talia & the AEG Live team for the photo and your hospitality and to my friends at Caesars Entertainment for a fabulous weekend at Caesars Palace.


Live While You Are Alive: Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

FYI: There are a lot of awesome things to do while you’re in Vegas…¬† Especially if you’re not a fan of smoke-filled casinos, drunk tourists, and the smell of vomit in the hallways.¬† ūüôā

Check out¬†Turtlehead Peak at Red Rock Canyon if you’re interested in an awesome workout and some fresh air.¬† *Huge bonus if you can find someone to share the experience with.


Closing Keynote presenter Marcello Pedalino wraps up the Caesars Entertainment Client Educational Experience in Atlantic City.

It was a pleasure to serve the exceptional team at Caesars Entertainment as well as their stellar guest list of meeting professionals from across the country. Thank you for the first class experience and your incredible hospitality.

My closing keynote presentation included strategies for letting things go, politics vs. productivity, vacation tips, how to keep good company, and reevaluating priorities. I enjoyed meeting, learning from, and sharing the stage with some of the finest in the speaking world…¬†Kelly McDonald,¬†AndyCore-Speaker/Author, &¬†Paul Moya.

Also, special thanks to the Encore Event Technologies production team for making everyone look, sound, and feel amazing.

Onwards and upwards.


Show Me Your Friends, and I’ll Show You Your Future: The 2017 Celebrate Life Ride

Special thanks to Dr.¬†Jill Garripoli¬†and¬†Healthy Kids¬†Pediatrics for co-sponsoring the annual¬†#CelebrateLife¬†Ride in New York City. It was a gorgeous outing that included 35 miles of fresh air, sunshine, and¬†Grimaldi’s Pizza¬†with some incredible entrepreneurs.¬†¬†Shout out to¬†Johnny V’arvolis¬†for the awesome pic at the George Washington Bridge lighthouse!


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