Marcello Pedalino Delivers Opening Keynote to Kick Off Mobile Beat Magazine Conference in Las Vegas

Special thanks to everyone who made Las Vegas another fun and successful stop on the Celebrate Life Book Tour. To Jeffrey Scott Gould and Films By J for capturing the highlights, Anthony Vennera and Michael Walter for helping me sell out of books on the first day, Todd Mitchem for your kind introduction, all the attendees who supported the event, and to Mobile Beat Magazine for having me on your stellar line up- it was a pleasure to serve you.


Work Less, Live More, & Make the Most of Your Days: Artem Lomaz Reviews “Celebrate Life” by Marcello Pedalino

Special thanks to Artem Lomaz for his book review of Celebrate Life.  -D.H

A book review in which the reviewer knows the author personally will inevitably be a bit biased. If you’re picking up a copy of “Celebrate Life: How to live it up, discover fulfillment, and experience the joy you deserve”, you may not personally know the author, Marcello Pedalino, but you’ve likely heard of him. But perhaps you haven’t. Let’s assume you’re considering reading this book solely because it seems as though it has a positive message to offer. If the photo of the proud father – beaming with happiness as he and his daughter give the camera as many thumbs up as four hands will allow while soaking up the fresh air in their convertible – which graces the front cover, doesn’t convince you enough about the author’s intent to show you how to celebrate your life and enjoy all that it has to offer, please, open the book.

Pedalino’s messaging becomes pretty evident as soon as you glance at the chapter titles in the Contents section. While ‘Take Care of Yourself”, “Keep Good Company”, “Do What You Love”, “Travel”, “Make A Difference”, “Let Go”, and “Evolve” all may sound self-explanatory, Pedalino offers insights into each element that may often be overlooked. You may even think, some of these are easier said than done. If that’s the case, buy the book.

Perhaps you’re in the market for a good motivational read. You’re a motivated individual striving for your own definition of success and you need to refresh that motivation. Throughout the chapters, Pedalino offers methods that he’s implemented that keep him focused and inspired, including on his health, and how that is a part of his self-actualization. Please note, this includes physical and mental health. He shares these techniques through a very empathetic process, as he divulges personal struggles that he had to overcome in order to position himself for consistency and success. From admitted struggles with emotional stress-eating (as someone who has worked in NYC advertising, and partook in one too many cookies-from-the-pharmacy-downstairs dinners, I can, as I’m sure many of us can, certainly relate), to acknowledging the benefits of yoga, and ultimately focusing on “letting go” of negative situations, or people. These real-life examples, and the way the chapters are aligned, helps readers seamlessly transition from each key aspect.

From his early entrepreneurial efforts, such as selling candy to his classmates (I don’t know why he priced Chiclets ten times higher than Starbursts – I guess the late eighties were a weird time), to his solidified status atop the event entertainment world, Pedalino describes how his childhood helped shape his personality, and ultimately his career and life journey. Throughout, he acknowledges the various factors that attribute to his fulfillment, such as traveling (which includes the importance of sharing vacations with your children, maintaining a habitual nutritional schedule during your travels, and the powerful qualities of a good clear-your-head getaway), giving back/volunteering, and letting go. It’s evident that the chapter about letting go was the most difficult to address for Pedalino. Why wouldn’t it be – it would be just as hard for anyone. The emphasis on this chapter revolves not around toxicity, but rather on best practices on how to best avoid it, which is always the best solution. Whether it’s a good work out, a hobby, or simply focusing on the positives in life, solutions are available. Half of that chapter consists of exquisite photos that the author has taken on his travels, at home, and throughout – coupled with inspirational quotes that will help the reader feel engulfed in positivity.

Please be aware, this book is for the motivated, the enthusiastic, and the carpe diem-esque. Pedalino makes sure to emphasize the importance of desire. As he vividly points out early on, in a section regarding taking care of one’s health, only when someone is sick and tired of being sick and tired will they exhibit the self-motivation that’s required to make significant life changes. When it comes to the notion of moderation, a nice reminder of “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” surfaces (personally an oft-reflected reminder when challenged with an all-you-can-eat menu), the importance of friends that are realistic and say it “how it is” is stressed, and an “all-in” mentality when pursuing your passion is highlighted. This book is for the “make it happen” crowd. The good news is…everyone is part of that crowd! Everyone is motivated, enthusiastic, and carpe diem-esque in their own way for their own purpose. The key is to harness your focus and energy on those passions that drive you.

Let’s say you’re already motivated, nutritionally aware, posses positive fitness habits, and an overall sense of wellness. That would bring you masterfully to Pedalino’s final chapter in the book, “Evolve”. It’s silly to think you’re at your peak when there is always room for improvement. Whether it’s another area of your life, or simply improving upon the already great elements you’re mainly focused on, once you wrap up “Celebrate Life”, you’ll find yourself revisiting your approach to life in an ever-evolving strive for fulfillment and joy.

If you want to work less, and live more, make the most of your days, tune into WKIP (see “Keep Good Company” chapter for reference), and simply make things happen, on your terms, then invest in this book, open it, and read it (it won’t do much for you sitting on the shelf).

~Artem Lomaz

From New Jersey to Las Vegas: The Celebrate Life Book Tour Continues

From New Jersey to Las Vegas, the Celebrate Life Book Tour continues on Monday March 13th at the Tropicana.

I look forward to presenting the opening seminar and seeing everyone who is attending The Mobile Beat Magazine Conference.

Safe travels!


A Hamilton Performance, Vocal Grand Entrance, and Choreographed Father Daughter Dance for Lexi’s Bat Mitzvah at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ

It was a pleasure to celebrate with Lexi and her family last night at The Crystal Plaza in Livingston NJ.

A vocal performance Grand Entrance, a choreographed Father/Daughter Dance, and a tribute to Hamilton: An American Musical!

Highlight reel coming soon. Mazel Tov Lexi!


A Double Delight at the Westin for the Erman Family


Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life, The Westin, MMP EntertainmentWe’ve helped some awesome families produce fabulous Bar Mitzvahs for their sons- and we’ve helped some awesome families produce fabulous Bat Mitzvahs for their daughters.    Every now and then, we get to do both on the same day at the same time!   Last week we had the honor of serving the Erman family and providing the entertainment and event production for Matthew and Sophia’s B’nai Mitzvah!    We couldn’t have asked for a cooler brother and sister dynamic duo or cooler parents to work with.

MMP Entertainment, The Westin, Celebrate Life, Marcello PedalinoMMP Entertainment, The Westin, Celebrate Life, Marcello PedalinoEverything we did seemed to have twice the excitement and fervor.  From the on site ceremony to the interactive cocktail hour, to the dancing, to the games… the event proved that sometimes “it takes two to make a thing go (really) right!”  🙂

Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life, The Westin, MMP Entertainmentimage4image5image6

*The Erman’s really showed off their dance moves after the dinner and montage.  All the guests gather around to watch Matthew dance with his mom and Sophia dance with her dad to “When You Say Nothing At All.”  After 45 seconds of the slow tempo ballad, the music shifted to an upbeat tempo that included dance floor favorites like The Apache, Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, and Macarena!   The crowd loved it!  Everyone was cheering, laughing, and clapping their hands.  (I had met with the Ermans the week prior to event to create a custom mix based on their preferences and to give them a personalized dance lesson.)

Marcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life, The Westin, MMP EntertainmentMarcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life, The Westin, MMP EntertainmentMarcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life, The Westin, MMP EntertainmentMarcello Pedalino, Celebrate Life, The Westin, MMP EntertainmentMazel Tov,

Marcello Pedalino, MMP Entertainment, How To Be a Standout Wedding Guest, Celebrate Life Book,


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