Keep Good Company: A Delicious Lunch Surrounded by Success, Camaraderie, and Style

What lunch looks like when #caesarsentertainment is the host. Cheers to my new #meeting & #eventplanner friends from #texas & #missouri. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Continued success!

From Indy to Philly, The Celebrate Life Book Tour Continues…

Marcello Pedalino, Author of Celebrate Life on Good Day Philadelphia with Lauren Johnson FOX 29

The only thing better than getting asked to stick around after the commercial break was having my daughter invited to join us on the couch for the segment. It reminded me of when Johnny Carson would ask a comedian to join him next to Ed if Johnny liked his set. 🙂 Pretty cool.

It was a pleasure appearing on Good Day Philadelphia and chatting with Lauren about wellness, flexibility, success, & generosity. We riffed about the benefits of being your own boss, how things like sleep are non-negotiable, why you should travel, the true measure of success, and the benefits of being generous. Both Isabella and my wife, Jill, made cameos. They even asked Isabella what she liked most about Daddy. 🙂 It was a lovely way to start off a great week in Philly.

Onwards and upwards!

From Richmond to Indianapolis, The Celebrate Life Book Tour Continues…

Special thanks to Amber Hankins – Indy Style and the WISH-TV Team in Indianapolis for the their hospitality. It was a pleasure meeting you and chatting about ways to Celebrate Life this summer!

1) Make exercise, sleep, and nutrition a priority.
2) Listen to Pitbull. 🙂
3) Be your own boss or find a cool one to work for.
4) Take a deep breath and let it go…



School’s in Session! Marcello Recommends: “Music History for the Mobile DJ” by Mike Walter

In a week when everyone is wrapping up final exams and graduating, hundreds of  mobile DJs will be enrolling in one of the coolest summer school opportunities available.  Thanks to Mike Walter, who is considered by many to be the go-to Professor when it comes to subjects like DJ Training, Business Management, and Performance Tips- music lovers hungry for continuing education as well as rookie entertainers looking to get off to a great start can expand their music history chops and ultimately serve their clients better.

Music History for the Mobile DJ breaks down the essentials of your hard drive while simultaneously taking you on an entertaining musical journey through time.  And if you’ve been following Mike’s daily “Today In Music” facebook posts, you won’t be disappointed.  Mike delivers a few factoids and stories to complement his lesson plans, too.

If you are familiar with Mike’s PHDJ Workshop, you know that he takes his role as an educator seriously.  Don’t expect to just watch a few clips and learn what you need to learn.  There are actual quizzes and exams to take when you are finished.

Whether you are a multi-op owner or a single-op entertainer, the material is very versatile and offers multiple ways to implement and apply to your training curriculum. 

If you enjoyed being a virtual shadow and watching Mike perform at a live wedding, you’ll definitely enjoy being a student in Mike’s classroom.  

Click here to order your copy.




Marcello Pedalino on Virginia This Morning. The Celebrate Life Book Tour continues…

Thank you Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 for your hospitality. It was a pleasure meeting Cheryl Miller and Bill Barksdale and chatting about the book. Here are a few minutes from the segment. Onwards and upwards!


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