Doctor’s Orders- Marcello Recommends: A Short Guide To A Long Life by David Agus, MD

Doctor's Orders- Marcello Recommends: A Short Guide To A Long Life by David Agus, MDWhen the author of 10 Things You Can Do To Have A Better Day sends you a book to read, you’d be foolish not to devour it as soon as your schedule permits.  My good friend and fellow wellness enthusiast, Mike Walter, sent me A Short Guide To A Long Life and I was very pleased; mostly because it was a small book with tiny chapters and an illustration on nearly every page.   Then I was really very pleased  when it was obvious that the content was well-researched and the style of the delivery leaned more towards an intriguing conversation with someone smarter than you vs. a boring lecture from an obnoxious know-it-all… – One of the reasons why me and college didn’t hit it off too well.

The brilliance of this book is that it’s broken up into two easy-to-follow parts.  What to Do and What to Avoid.

I’m happy to report that I could check off most of the things on the What To Do side like sleep duration and regulation, a consistent exercise program and embracing your inner OCD to help keep from getting sick.  It ain’t easy.  I’ve had people make fun of me because I like to be in bed by 10 pm and up by 6am. I’ve had people give me weird looks because I don’t like to touch the faucets or flusher handles in public restrooms so I use my sleeve or a paper towel.  (of course, I don’t like to touch the paper towel dispenser either so I use my sleeve to get the paper towel.)

Doctor's Orders- Marcello Recommends: A Short Guide To A Long Life by David Agus, MDBut, things like updating my CPR certification, starting a little garden and considering a DNA test to see what diseases I may be prone to or to get a better idea of my life expectancy- definitely got my attention.   I’ve watched the movie Jurassic Park like 50 times so I should’ve known how powerful DNA can be.of

The What To Avoid chapters raised a few personal red flags.  Even though I steer clear of the obvious like smoking and drinking etc., there were a few simple tweaks that could enhance my current wellness habits and protect vital parts of my body.   The most glaring were the use of ear protection while landscaping, wearing sunglasses at the beach and opting for the hands-on pat down vs. the radiation exposure of x-ray machines at the airport First, I thought if you asked not to go through one those backscatter machines they would automatically assume you were hiding something and throw you in jail and subsequently  ruin your trip.  Second, I don’t normally smuggle guns or cocaine in my underwear so I actually enjoy walking through that thing with the confidence of Billy Mitchell.   It’s kind of like that blissful high you get when you already know the right answer to a question someone is going to ask or the peace of mind of having pocket aces in a poker game.   Anywho, since the possible side-effects of this particular radiation technology hasn’t been figured out yet, (think the reality of cigarettes over the past 30 years) I’ll gladly opt for the personal frisk from now on and just embrace my inner-wannabe thug.

There’s plenty of helpful advice in this Short Guide to make you think, smile and change your life for the better.  It also makes a great gift for someone you care about that may need a little kick in the butt in a few or many areas.  Mike bought a copy for his dad.  So did I.   Actually, I saved the 10 bucks by just giving my dad my copy, but  you get the point.

Wishing you all continued health, happiness and fulfillment.

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